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Actually managed to write some Zwei Seiten tonight! The second chapter is gonna be quite a bit longer then the first though, so it’s going to be a while. Also I think Kira is farily occupied with getting some of her own writing done, so my Beta is currently pretty much out of commission.

But I rewrote the first bit of Ch. 2 so it’s a lot less whiny (why on Earth do I tend write so incredibly whiny characters?) and I’m fairly happy with the new version. Also lots of thoughts and describing, not a lot of dialogue, so I’m happy. Because I know a bit about dialogue, but I’m a mess at describing stuff. xD So hopefully four months (ALREADY?) of not doing anything with the fic, will get me going again now. Hooray. ^__^






Apple Pie Baked inside of Apples Tutorial

Isn’t this like hollowing out a corpse, then putting someone else’s organs inside and cooking them?

i was expecting the other fandom

i was expecting the other fandom

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I mean look at the damn episode titles!

1x01 A Stitch in Time
1x02 Fast Times
1x03 Wasting Time
1x04 Matter of Time
And the list goes on…

I’m a time travel fan. How could this thing NOT hook me? Also really really in love with the tech dude. And guess what, tumblr: It’s a female lead. ;D

Dad told me he’d started watching this cool Canadian Sci-Fi show.

Told me to give it a try.

Well, guess who’s hooked on Continuum.


You know, I’m really liking this Friday night. xD Trying to finally get both of my main blogs running again, not just stuck on one. :D And of course some quality entertainment of Gavin kicking everone’s collective behinds.

I’m dual tumbling. It’s fun. xD

Also, hey guys! I’ll try to be back now! xD


vivienne’s voice actress is indira varma!

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So, I don’t remember in which of the videos RT/AH challenged it’s community to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, but guess who’s fucking cold right now! xD

So kiramaevasnormandy, the-meta, doc-emily-grey, you’re up! :D

And please don’t forget to donate guys, because ALS is evil, but we can find a way to fight it! Also, it was alsa.org not .com!

there, sarinalina.  I donated.  And while there is no video, rest assured that I did, in fact, get a big old bucket of ice, which I then used to ice my beer growler, and I’ll be enjoying refreshing cold beverages all day.

You, my dear, are fucking amazing! :D