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'do not disappoint'?
From a gifset I made from an RvB Episode late season 12. ^^ So are the others around it. xD

kiramaevasnormandy thank you for tagging me! ^__^

So yeah, it’s not all that tidy, but that’s only because I cleaned up like two weeks ago I think. xD And this is what was left and for some reason I didn’t decide to clear that stuff up. xD

But here, have some Agent Carolina anyway! :D

So yeah, I have no clue who did this already… So if you haven’t done it yet but want to, please feel cordially tagged!

oh!!! okay, make sure you can get back because i know at some point you’re barred from going back to the temple to fight the high dragon/fake andraste haha
Yeah, I’ll do Orzammar first and take care of the dragon before I meet up with the Arl again for the Landsmeet. Shouldn’t be in any trouble then. ^^ Thanks for the warning though. :)
Well… I took out a mama dragon, not the one on top of the mountain. Decided that I really didn’t want to lie in Morrigan’s face, so I somehow managed to take down Flemeth. ^^
But fake Andraste will die at some point … later … xD

Eleia: Wait… I’m confused. Can you repeat that?
Alistair: Damn it, did you HAVE to tell her (… like that)?
Wynne: Well, it’s not exactly like you didnt have the opportunity before.

Leliana falls in love pretty easily, as I recall!
My Warden was really nice to her all the time, so I can see why it happened. Eleia is a Cousland after all, and a really spoiled one, so she enjoyed all the talks about shoes and the stories
But now that Eleia is confused already, because of Alistair’s true heritage, Leliana’s confession isn’t really helping. xD
But yeah, it did feel a bit like Leiliara.
Just hope I can put her down gently. ^^’

It’s really funny to find out about Alistair’s heritage from the Arl. xDD

First one is after the Arl says that they need someone with a better claim to the throne than the queen, someone like Alistair.

Second one is after Bann Teagan explains about the whole Alistair being Maric’s son thing. (He’s also really surprised the Warden didn’t know. xD)

EDIT: Alistair will also automatically be there with the Warden, when the Arl spills the beans. Doesn’t matter if he’s in the party at that time or not.

Finished the Urn of Sacred Ashes, took out a big ass mother(fucking) dragon, had some fun at the Pearl, found out about Alistair’s true heritage and somehow managed to make Leliana fall in love with me.


That wasn’t supposed to happen.

(Longer update once I find the time (probably tomorrow), timeline was a trainwreck though, might switch it around a bit in the “official” version. xD)

Okay, so I’m trying to actually get some progress on DA:O! And I managed to get Redcliffe Castle and the Brecilian Forest done in the last two days. So now I’m officially farther than I managed on my fist run! Hooray! xD

This time around I actually tried to come up with a story for my Warden instead of just picking an elf, because I like elves and cheating my way to an easy romance with holiday gifts.

So… my headcanons for Eleia Cousland under the cut. :)

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Actually managed to write some Zwei Seiten tonight! The second chapter is gonna be quite a bit longer then the first though, so it’s going to be a while. Also I think Kira is farily occupied with getting some of her own writing done, so my Beta is currently pretty much out of commission.

But I rewrote the first bit of Ch. 2 so it’s a lot less whiny (why on Earth do I tend write so incredibly whiny characters?) and I’m fairly happy with the new version. Also lots of thoughts and describing, not a lot of dialogue, so I’m happy. Because I know a bit about dialogue, but I’m a mess at describing stuff. xD So hopefully four months (ALREADY?) of not doing anything with the fic, will get me going again now. Hooray. ^__^